Lets Rewind a Little

Recharge Green

So how did I get to this point of applying to commence a Masters? We have to look back over our shoulder about six months to when I started thinking about my long term career. I felt that a change was in order. I wanted to pursue something that I was truly interested in and passionate about. Something that would sustain me for the next 25 years. And I wanted to do it in an environment that would nurture this direction.

I started thinking about my interests, and how I could amalgamate them into a career. I narrowed the list down to a few core components that I wanted to pursue….. my love of the mountains and wanting to incorporate them into my career, my interest in supplying (renewable) energy to communities, and the collection and use of Big Data – especially in mapping.

How could I intertwine my engineering with these interests. I don’t want to give up engineering, but use it in a new, novel, possibly radical way. Was it even possible to combine these elements? Much thinking was done. Much searching took place. And then I found it.

Recharge Green : Balancing Alpine Energy and Nature

The Alps have great potential for the use of renewable energy. Thereby they can make a valuable contribution to mitigating climate change. This, however, means increasing pressures on nature. What could be the impact of such changes on the habitats of animals and plants? How do they affect land use and soil quality? How much renewable energy can reasonably be used? The project recharge.green brings together 16 partners to develop strategies and tools for decision-making on such issues. The analysis and comparison of the costs and benefits of renewable energy, ecosystem services, and potential trade-offs is a key component in this process. The project will last from October 2012 to June 2015 and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund in the Alpine Space Programme.

It was the perfect intersection. Mountains. Sustainable Energy. Data.