Interview with Tony Cocker, CEO of E.On (UK)


I was listening to the BBC world service last night, and a very interesting interview was conducted with Tony Cocker, CEO of E.On – one of the Big Six (The Big Six Energy Suppliers are Britain’s largest energy companies, supplying gas and electricity in the UK, with over 90% share of domestic customers).

It seems that the UK is not too dissimular to Australia with large energy increases being hotly debated through Governent and Community. The level of mistrust of energy companies in the UK seems to be at a much higher level than here in Australia, with Parliamentary enquirires and the Labour party even going so far as to impose a price freeze for 20 months from 2015 (if elected). It will be very interesting indeed to follow the UK progress thru their energy pricing crisis and see if we can learn some lessons along the way.

Mr Cocker said: “Social costs, environmental obligations, upgrading our network – all of these things are adding to energy costs.

Sound familiar? The interview lasted around half an hour, unfortunately I could only find a nine minute grab:

Tony Cocker: Public mistrust of the energy industry

What I found most interesting (more than the actual questions and answers) was the level of vitriol in the commentators questioning and examination of Mr Cocker and E.On. It is something rarely heard in Australian broadcasting where CEOs are held in greater esteem. I’m not sure if this is good or bad, but most of the time we can’t even get our CEOs to face up to public scrutiny, so at least in the UK they are being asked the hard questions. I suppose thats what the get paid the big bucks for!